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Thanks for visiting Off Road Range Rover. I thought this book was essential because the L is an amazing car on and off road if properly configured; unfortunately, it can also be an unfinished albatross if the wrong power-train is purchased. The off road ability of the L is largely dependent on power-train and differential configuration with earlier models using torsen center differential and an open differential which switched to an electronic locking center differential and optional rear differential which took the Range Rover to all new heights off road. Full Fatt Range Rovers has a great forum and wiki which as focuses on ls and ls.

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Risk management process ppt

The process of evaluating and selecting alternative regulatory and non-regulatory responses to risk. The selection process necessarily requires the consideration of legal, economic, and behavioral factors. Risk management is the decision-making process involving considerations of political, social, economic and engineering factors with relevant risk assessments relating to a potential hazard so as to develop, analyze and compare regulatory options and to select the optimal regulatory response for safety from that hazard. Essentially risk management is the combination of 3 steps: risk evaluation, emission and exposure control, risk monitoring.